How Can This Be Happening To Me :-(

I am a 35 yr old mother of 3. I was with my children's father for 10 yrs when we finally broke things off, he was very emotionally and mentally abusive. He hit me once and thats when I ended it. 6 months after that I met husband # 2 and he turned out to be a lazy bum that had no ambition in life to provide better for himself or his kids so I knew he would never bea good role model for my children so we parted. When finally I met my current husband. He was perfect. He was younger than me by 10+ yrs but he had ambition, he was going to college, he loved and accepted my children and adored me. After dating for 3 months I found out I had an advance stage of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. I told him that I was gonna require a lot of help and if he wanted out that this would be the best time for him to go. He said no that he wasn't going anywhere and that he wanted to take care of me. A month later I lost my job because my diseases became too painful to continue working. I was on long term disability and eventually got approved for SSD. My sickness requires me to make approx 15 pain pills a day, but sometimes I feel well enough that I don't need them for a few day. So I sometime would have extra, which was great because my husband hurt his back and has no health insurance to see a dr so I would give a few pills to help him out. Then my RA started flaring up really bad and when I went to go get my percocets they were gone. 100+ pills gone in 2 days. I cried for days not because he took them but because he took them and he didn't care that I needed them and now I'm in pain and have no medicine. Couldn't exactly call my dr and tell him what happened. This has become a routine now every few months I'm shorted pills because he steals them from me. I tried locking them up and he still finds a way to get them. We dated for 4yrs before I married him and he swore it wouldn't happen again but it has and I just don't know how to handle this or what to do. I love him so much and want to forgive him but as soon as I put my guard down he does it again. I don't want my kids to lose another man in their life but is this really a healthy marriage. My children don't know whats going on because we don't act like anything is wrong and we never argue around or near the children. I dealt with drug addiction with my mother growing up but I never thought I'd get caught up with a man like that, what do I do? Should I take my children and go? Do I forgive him and try to get him help? Someone help please !!!!
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Hi babe I see ur in a predicument do u have any support. There r places u can phone to help u. I myserlf had a drug addict an alcoholic partner we have been together 18 years however it hasn't been easy. It depends allot if u want to stay with him cause it will b tuff for both of u I had to keep confronting my partner bout it to which he denied it everytime it depends if he admits it an realises he's doing something wrong I had the evidence to confront him an asked him to take a drug test etc. If he really does want to prove to u he can change an wants to move forward then yes an0 admits he has a problem. However if not its a waiting game 2 choices I said I couldn't live like it anymore an he needed to go or admit it so I didn't feel I was crazy. And then there was lots of issues with trust u need to work on depends on him really if he's willing to put the time in to make u feel happy supported and u can trust him hope this helps x x

Go check out LIVE STRONG.<br />
All the advice you need to Move Forward is there.<br />
Be Strong.<br />
His Selfish Addiction causes him to Not care about You.<br />
Find Your Courage.<br />
He is Only 25- Still a Baby.<br />
An Addicted Baby.<br />
You are Worth More than This!