Living With The Stress

My husband is a drug addict. If I look back it has been a constant presence in our relationship for 8 years. The biggest problem is that he manages to function relatively well and if you met him you wouldn't realise. He drinks heavily and takes
cocain 3-4
times a week, sometimes more. It puts a huge strain on our relationship and has stopped me wanting to get pregnant as I don't want to be faced with
raising children alone. My friends all tell me to leave and I am to ashamed to tell my family. I feel very sad and alone and find his constant mood swing very difficult to deal with. He is an amazing loving person but when drunk and high he gets very angry and aggressive. I feel I can't do anything right. I love him and don't want a divorce but he doesn't seem to want to change anything and tells me to just accept this is who he is.
Anon2323 Anon2323
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By teaching out to share your story you are telling everyone that you don't want to accept this as who he is. I am going through the same situation with my wife, and its extremely frustrating. As much as I have tried to help, support, and intercept her buying drugs, I have realized that it does not help. In fact it makes things worse. Leave while you are still young enough to start over.

Im a 49yr old going thru menopause for two years now. i must admit that my sex drive has diminished quite a bit. My husbands frustrations have turned him drugs....can this be true. I feel the same ....two years worth of lies and deception.

Dear anon2323 we are two peas in a pod...I have a near identical situation. I feel ashamed for being so naive, I have been through this cycle with my husband now too many conscious, intelligent side says he is a liar and an heart screams oh, it's ok he will get it together...the lies are killing me. He functions so well, owns his own business everybody loves him! It adds to my confusion, I second guess myself all the time. I know I should leave him...we have no children together...I am thankful for this in reality as my confusion and his mood swings and way too often aggressive behavior would not be a safe place for a child. I wish there was an answer...anyway, thank you for sharing your story. I am sympathetic to you I wish you luck and happiness....I am 42 years old so I know one thing for sure...I should put myself first...I just need to find the courage..we only live once and we deserve to be loved not tortured. - our husbands have the same right but why should we allow there bad choices to direct our lives????