I Don't Even Know What To Do

i know it kind of sounds ridiculous to some people... there seems to be so many harder drugs... but.. i have been with my husband for 6 six years. i got with him when he was just getting over an addiction to meth. we were teenagers so we dabbled with different things. but never became addicted. about two years ago he quit smoking weed and started smoking spice (k2, dzl, damiana). he has completely changed. he is angry, agressive, secretive, and just plain mean (breaking my stuff when he's mad, punching holes in walls, slamming and kicking things. he even ripped the door frame off the wall). i've begged him to quit, told him the health risk, gave him material on addiction, even got him on my isurance so he could talk to a doctor. he suffers from depression and anxiety so that's his excuse to use it. the problem is: we have a two year old daughter. he has become mean with her, telling her to shut up, and just being really negative to her. this is not the man i married and i'm scared of him. he also spends about 300 a month on it and i recently found out he has a pawn debit card where he's been pawning things behind my back and using that card. i'm so close to walking away...
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

I feel you need to keep yourself and your daughter safe. Move out or tell him to leave. Change the locks on your doors or just move in with family for a while. I'm currently separated from my husband. He left me a few months ago to do his drug use. He is a meth user too. I have experience the same thing you have experienced. I'm just glad my husband left because I no longer live in fear. He use to really scare me because of his explosive temper. Meth causes mood swings and violent episodes. I seen my husband harm himself. I didn't have any money to give him so he scratched the skin off the side of his face bleeding. He has punched holes in my walls and doors and destroyed some of my things by throwing them. He also has hit me a few times when he was sleeping in the bed beside me. He told me he was dreaming, but I know that drug make you see things in your sleep and its hard to have a sound sleep. I'm happy now that I'm safe and away from him. There is nothing like peace in your life and peace in your home.

he's also hit me in his sleep. he's busted my lip and kicked me in the stomach and and just recently punched me on the side of my nose. i recently learned i'm pregnant again but from the stress i think i'm miscarrying... i don't know if i can make it financially without him but so many ppl in my life have told me they would help. i'm just at such a weird place. i wish i had a crystal ball that could show me the results of whichever path i take