I Need Help! I Don't Know What To Do.

Here's my story and hopefully when you read this there is someone that can help me. I have been married to a crack addict now for four years. When I met him I was under the impression he wanted to stop using and be married. He is a good man with a good heart, but the addiction has a strong hold. After we married during the first year, I went through the jealousy and false accusations, that didn't bother me because I knew I wasn't doing anything, but every time he got money he would go get high. He would take my car and I wouldn't see him until his high came down. There were occasions i have been left to get home the best way I could because I had been left with no transportation. I handled the situation by not putting him out and trying to be there for him. To fast forward, he went to a recovery home and was clean for two years, but immediately after the two years he started using again. He has since moved back home and his addiction is increasing. He only uses his own money and doesn't steal, but after he has smoked up all of his money then he calls me to come the the rescue. I go and pick him up from where ever he is and bring him back home. Here is my problem when do I stop being there, at what point do I stop helping him? I care about him, but he is only lying to himself and any everyone around him. He is taking my kindness for weakness and I want to know I do I stop that. I have filed for divorce, but I still don't want to see him on the streets (he has no place to go).
Anyone, please help me.

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The hard truth is that you are enabling him, and he will not stop if this pattern continues. Please educate yourself about Narcotic Anonymous. Read the material and talk to the people in it who are addicts trying to recover. They will tell you the truth about him and about what you can do and the possible outcomes. Its a hard reality but you have to face it otherwise you will stay in hell with no hope of relief. You must take care of yourself and be strong.

girl it never stops, just when i think mine is actually trying to do the right thing, he does his thing again and again, i am a giver, i don't know how to just walk away and i always hope he will just go because i feel obligated to mine so stupid, but the way i am :(
So if you can get a divorce go for it!!! 16 going on 17 years in it and it never gets better...
So sorry not to be up lifting but i don't think there is a good side

You are divorcing him, good decision. Do not look back, let him deal with his life, there is professional help available. I have had my own addiction, I know what I am talking about. Live your own life happy!