I don't know what to do anymore ! Need advice from you !

Where to begin ?

Let's see I met her 8 months ago. I quickly learned drinking and drugs played a huge part in her life ! I drove her to court dates to her court ordered counseling and paid for 90% of everything for 5 months. All her food, cigarettes, drinks, entertainment she didn't work. She didn't have a liscense ( DUI ) or a car.
When she finally got her liscense back and her Daddy got her another car she got a job and then it has all been downhill.
She started using again snorting Heroin and Smoking Crack. ( on a side note she told me Crack is not addictive a few days ago ) Well that didn't last very long soon she was shooting the Heroin again.
Well a long story short she lost her job and since then has been driving exboyfriends and addicts to get drugs so they give her some. She hasn't paid her own car insurance once, her Dad did iniatally and even after she started working, now it has been cancelled for about 5 days so soon her Registration will be cancelled as well.
She has a whole bunch of court things hanging over her head if she gets arrested again. She hasn't been to her court ordered counseling in months. It cost her $20.00 and never has the $. So now she is collecting unemployment about $300.00 a week and just like when she was working never ever has any money more then 3 days after pay day.
I have tried to help her. Gave her a lot of chances to do the right things before xmas she was telling me she would goto treatment after new years if she didn't quit. Today to the best of my knowledge she is shooting heroin 6 or more times a day and smoking crack ( which isn't addictive by the way ) 3 or more times a week.
This afternoon after reading a lot of stories on this site for hours and learning she was going to give her baby daddy a ride to get drugs tonight I chose to ask her to start staying at her Moms house again she said ok gave me a hug goodbye and hasn't called or texted me once since which is normal when she is out using till. All hours of the night, its now 12:50 am.
I am fairly certain I have had enough, even her own father told me months ago to let her go. Also she has a 4 year old son she lost custody of over a year ago and can't get back till she is clean for at least six months and the Father who she is with tonight got out of prison a few months back and right away started using crack and heroin again hasn't seen his son. He did already get picked up for a warrant and posession of Heroin and intent to sell in a school zone.
I just can't do it anymore I can't worry about her being in an accident or being in jail. I'm fairly certain she won't ever text me tonight to say she is home safe that is if she ever even sleeps tonight at all or just uses drugs all night. I won't sleep tonight either. Please addicts and those who love addicts please share your thoughts for me ! Much apreciation in advance ! She did text and call late last and tonight she was going to give some one a " ride " I told her to take all of her things if she was Going out to play drug taxi at 10:00 at night. She chose to stay and took a piece of a Sub as she was feeling dope sickness / withdrawals. Can she detox / quit using just a few Subs ?
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Jan 11, 2013