Dunno Wat To Do.,

My boyfriend is addict to heroin and I dont know how to cope anymore.he was clean for 3 yrs but I suffered from miscarriage and his way to deal with it was to go back using again.he kept it a secret at first but then came out and told me..he says he wants help to get clean again but I dunno whether to believe him or not.I love him and have told him I'll stick by him through it.it's so draining emotionally as not only do I have to worry about caring for our other child and the running of the house and work but now I have the worry of all this too.we never have money as he blows most of it on getting high.I'm at my witts end
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

I wish u knew how devastating and evil heroin is. I have lost friends ect! He won't get better. Know this. If u accept him in your life potentially he will kill u ! From hep c to HIV. Walk away. Please.

If he truly wants help, make sure that he gets it. It's extremely difficult for ANY addict to quit on their own. I read a statistic that only 25% of the people that try to get off cocaine on their own are successful. I'm sure it's even less than that for heroin. Find a place in your area that can help him. In my town we have a rehab that is based on a sliding scale, so it will go based on income, or maybe you have family members that can help? Anyway, if he TRULY wants to change and get help, he will need professional help. Good luck my dear. I know how heart breaking it is to love someone with an addiction. Especially since the addiction becomes more important than anything else, and most importantly, more important than you and your child. :-(