Only 28 Days - I Can Do This, Right?

This morning we made the long drive to BFE to the Rehab center for my I made the 2.5 hour drive heart was aching...I cried for a good half an hour and just wanted to turn around and go get my love.

But, I know he needs this. We need this. He needs to learn that drugs is not the answer to happiness.

He told me before I left, "It's okay, this is a good thing. We'll make it, I'm not scared anymore so you can't be either. I love you."

I cried.

When he comes back to my arms ~ where he belongs ~ he will be the man I fell in love with...

Only 28 Days.....

I can do this, right!?!


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4 Responses Jan 21, 2013

i realise that he might actually be out already because you posted this last month, either way i hope your ok and i hope he's ok too xxx

Im so happy for you that your husband is seeking the help he needs, you should be glad because like me id could have gone a totally different direction. My husband lies steals and cheats to get the pills that he needs, and even though ive found him a free rehab he won't go.

Its gonna be hard for you and him but he'll come out better on the other side, what ive found helps me is writing a letter to him, even if you can't send it yet because of the rehab no contact rule, write letters about how you feel, if your sad or angry, what hes put you through and how proud you are of him now that hes seeking help, and how you hope when he gets out he will remain drug free, you could talk about your aspirations for your life together, write the letter as if you where speaking to him, you could even write letters to him about what you did that day or what your doing that week or what your gonna do when he gets out. he doesn't even have to see it if you dont want him too. I know writing him letters sounds silly and might not work for everyone but it certainly worked for me. Good luck though i hope everything works out for you, i so badly wish that i were in your shoes. xxxx

thank you for your comment. :) he is home - i picked him up the day before Valentines Day. I'm so happy he is home and happy and clean, but I guess its just not what I expected. I'm still depressed and find myself thinking off all that he has put me through and how it hurts. But I don't want to bring it up to him because I don't want to push him back to using by upsetting him. :( its hard, a lot harder then I thought!

I think they usually have a period of time in the beginning of rehab where they aren't allowed to have contact, so you might not hear from him for awhile, but you are SO LUCKY that he is seeking the help he needs. My husband is running the streets and I'm pregnant and alone. He tells me he is miserable but keeps doing the same things over and over. Good luck my dear. You have your whole life ahead of you together as long as he takes this time to heal. Use the time to heal yourself as well from the heartache his addiction has caused you. So when you two are reunited, you can start fresh, no resentment, and build your life together. My thoughts and prayers go out to you.

I know that I am lucky he is getting help but it hurts so bad. I miss him more than words could ever express. my heart aches for him everyday. I haven't gotten dressed or done my makeup since before he went. Im in sweats and a mess everyday - i just want him home. but i know he needs to be there. it sucks - and I pray that your husband gets help soon because God knows you need him to be clear minded when your baby is born. Keep your head up girl - it has to pour before the sun can shine! <3

Of course you can.

it's so hard. i miss him so much. i haven't spoken to him since I cried and said goodbye yesterday at 12:15pm...he hasn't called. i'm worried about him. i miss him. ugh, my heart is aching so bad. :/

That is why I know that you can do it. Because he means so much to you. You will manage. And both of you will be better for it