Mind Control

Feel like being a guinea pig? You may not have a choice. Going deep undercover, our reporters found out that our very own Government of the people might be the ones that we need to be protected from. And their latest weapon of choice- the rain.

As the population multiplies and multiplies, the government is starting to lose the one thing they can’t afford to lose, control. Their solution, drug everyone. If you think it can’t happen, think again. The sources we found tell of experiments that started back in the 60's and are performed almost flawlessly today. Although no scientists involved in the project called, “purified thoughts”, would talk on the record, they did give us all we needed to know to report this amazing story. Including putting us into contact with the man responsible for dusting the clouds with the ingredients needed to produce the effects they want.

According to our sources, a small sect of elected and non-elected US and European citizens hell bent on controlling the world are financing many projects aimed at creating a more subdued mass population. Sources claim that they have infested rain clouds with everything from hallucinating drugs to antidepressants. Simply enough, when the rain falls it seeps into the skin, our vegetation, our livestock and our water supply and produces whatever effects these hidden rulers wish to impose. They have hit various parts of the world with this intrusion and are said to have caused everything from community picnics to full out riots. It’s as simple as the drug they pick and the mood they set.

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The one contact that would go on record was former Air Force Captain John Kincade, the man responsible for dusting the clouds. Captain Kincade reports, “These are leaders of industry and other financial institutions that have been around for generations. They make billions off the sweat of the little man and if they think a dime of that might be in jeopardy, they’ll go to any extreme to get it back. None of them would ever run for office but they do have their puppets and yes, they are above the law. Hell, they are the law. They recruited me on the premise that this would be a device used for the good of mankind. They said we could exterminate disease with this; instead I’ve dusted clouds above unknown tribes in third world countries spreading it. We purposely gave an entire culture a virus and then after they suffered for a while I dusted their clouds with the cure. I found out later that they weren’t even sure if the cure would work. I thank God every day that it did. I dusted the clouds with Oprioutus the day before the LA riots. It was a new drug designed to bring rage to the forefront of your emotions. I was told the test was given to check how the diluted version would effect a population in turmoil. The true drug would be a hundred times stronger than what I dropped. They believe it would cause citizens of rival countries to turn on one another and essentially tear each other apart. Hell, with enough of this drug, you’d tear your own mother’s arms off.

I put antidepressants in the clouds on days a crucial vote is coming up. They say it’s so people won’t riot when things like the patriot act take away your rights. I’ve unknowingly spread diseases so some of these rulers that own pharmaceutical companies can make a few extra bucks. I’ve dusted with drugs that enhance peoples chances of getting deadly diseases like heart disease and cancers and the guilt has finally broke me. I was stupid enough to believe the crap they were telling me about population growth and control. I make no excuses for what I’ve done and I know I’ll answer for it. I helped kill. I helped kill the people I spent my entire military career protecting.”

We tried to continue the interview with Captain Kincade but he was unable to go on. Although the things he has claimed to do are horrific, hopefully coming out and admitting to his crimes will start the healing.

We have since found out this group that believes themselves to be above the law have dabbled in many projects concerning the control of mankind itself. Maybe the greatest thing that will come out of this story isn’t the focus on the rain they are using as a weapon but the spotlight that will be put on these underground rulers of the world. It’s time for all of us to wake up.

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They will reap what they sew! How can these terrible people even sleep at night ? They have got to be full of drugs and sleep with one eye open ! I am tired of being angry let them have this world ! They have it for maybe 80 to 100 years then the rest of eternity they burn ! God save us !

Well it must not be working because where I am everybody hates the governments choices so far.

thank you, i just did.

I am not so sure that I am on the cloud seeding and contrail wagon, but I am suspicious of HARRP. If all they are doing is researching the atmosphere then why are they so secretive ?

I am going to assume that it has to do with communications, perhaps for submarines , or perhaps the are monitoring nuclear fallout, long range radar or something related to space.

I don't have a problem with it as long as it is related to national defense.

But the US is not the only one playing this harp ( that was a joke...) the Chinese and Russians have similar technology as well.

Clairvoyants and psychics have said that in the not too distant future that we will have hurricanes and storms on a magnitude we have never seen before. If HARRP can put holes in the atmosphere, charge the atmosphere with particles etc and direct it to a certain area.. you could change the weather. Think of what Tesla was doing in New Jersey in the early 1900's.

I think the biggest treat is what Russia and China could do if they were able to manipulate the atmosphere and weather with giant HAARP sites. China and Russia don't suffer from hurricanes like we do. And we have several fault zones along our major cities. That is a greater threat than contrails IMO.

They also say that millions will die in Europe as a result of toxic clouds and yellow snow. I think this could be a result of Russia and China releasing toxic poisons into the atmosphere and allowing it to follow the winds in the atmosphere. Maybe that is why they are releasing chemicals in the air (if this is accurate). To study the effect of what would happen it Russia and China did it to us or if it occurred in Europe.

I am not too concerned with them trying to manipulate behavior, Americans are pretty lazy and simple minded the way it is. The Patriot Act marginalized our civil liberties and it was resigned by Obama. And there was not a whimper to be heard. But god forbid, if someone can't get something for half price on Black Friday.

I could go on typing, but I think these are bigger threats than they are admitting.

That is a complete lot of Bullshit about HARRP if they told people its "for controlling the wea ther" Thats complete and utter Bullshit as its used for total mindcontrol for the masses Brother Thats total bullshit what they are telling people :O)

You guys should really stop snorting smarties.

I usually avoid the rain as much as I can.

GREAT Article! Finally someone who knows.