My First Real Memory Of Mind Control

My boyfriend woke up one morning with a puncture wound on his inner elbow, after going out with some of his friends and me the night before. He has never shot up drugs, and never would, no matter how drunk he may get. It looked like someone sloppily injected something, withdrew blood, or had inserted an IV. We had no idea how it could have gotten there.

A few months later, after discovering that I was subjected to ritual abuse from the time I was a child, I had a flash of memory from that night. It came to me suddenly, while I was at work. I remember being in a bathroom with him at someone's house, one person (male) was behind him, and two others (one male, the other male or female) stood in front of him, behind my right shoulder. I remember holding a syringe and I remember only a close-up flash of a needle entering the skin on his arm. I have no idea if I was injecting a substance or withdrawing blood. I have no idea *why* I would have done this, or who the three other people with us were. I don't know what they wanted from him, or how they got me to hurt him. I would never hurt anyone, especially someone I love.

I have since discovered I have DID, and have found pictures taken of myself when I'm in an alter, pictures I don't remember taking, and at locations I don't remember being.

All I can say is, mind control is real. I have firsthand experience.
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i'd never heard of this before in real life anyway altho from what i understand of mind control any trigger or suggestion can be removed my first thought is if theres a trustworthy one see a licensed hypnotist otherwise deep meditation techniques could help you find and get rid of any triggers or commands i hope this was helpful and if theres anything i can do to help you please let me know

offers safe hugs if and when you want them (shorthand hugs(if) )

We know. We've been there too. You're not alone. And you will all survive.

hugs (if)