My People


The first thing I think of when I think of Mexico is the people. I wonder what has befallen us, why we are in the state we are. For a middle tier country with state of the art health care and a progressive population; I am sad that we still have not, and have not fought for our rights against tyranny and globalization. We lack a modern leader who can steer us into the future. One man is Commandante Marcos, who is a fierce and compassionate leader. Intelligent and wise, well read and empathetic to the plight of the modern Mexican families and Indigenous people, but unfortunately he will not be the one who brings us up out of the ashes . He should however be saluted for bringing the plight to the forefront, putting it onto the door steps of the Mexican people. A man who's eye's show us the love and concern he has for those that cannot speak for themselves. He has gathered us, and motivated many to come together and speak as one voice. He seek's no reward, nor does he seek money for himself. Only to better the lives of those with no education does he seek money for. Equal rights to those that have no desire to enter the political race, equal status as humans to end the discrimination lobbied towards them. He has the fortitude to use violence towards those committing the crimes, as unfortunate as it can be. Sometimes though, a message needs to be sent. One voice stating "we will not be trampled no more." Sometimes, the higher authorities who condone the actions need a wake up call.

That was over 15 years ago. NAFTA has proven to be what most thought it was, it broke the back of the little man. Flooding the market with cheap goods, and  spelling an end to Mexican crop subsidies, without a corresponding end to U.S ones. Systematically ending and reducing the income; and living standards of most southern people pf Mexico, who could not compete with genetically modified imports from the United States.

Something else bugs too. The unresponsive and lack of accountability within the Mexican political system. Too much corruption within the ranks, at all levels and not enough people willing to stand up for what's right. Where did we go so wrong? A revolution, a couple dictators and a country attempting to colonize us and we still are willing to settle for those who lie to us. Sometimes I just don't know.

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May 24, 2012