Dedicated To My " What If " Without Any Regrets

When I think of you a smile just covers my face. You are one of my most pleasant memories in life.  I know you think of me too and often.  So the next time you think of me know that the same smile that tickles your face with the memories does the same for me and I will go a step further and say that feeling oozes throughout my body leaving me tingly all over. 
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14 Responses May 1, 2011

Just memories and nothing more. you can't go back and change the past.

Sweet! maybe some day! memories! ahhhhh

maybe for my birthday if he reads this. :)

I am thinking something in the way of a nice silk ribbon lol, Pink would be nice though.

A pink one with studs???

Haha! I do need a new collar lol

Up to your guy to take care of that thought process for you.... *wink*

Oops, must have been thinking about a stiffy when I typed that.

Too bad memories can't come back.... Stiff or not... LOL!!!

hehehe!!!! *wink* that's funny brut ;-)

Reads your stiff what?


Here's to happy memories then *clink* : )

In my case he knows. He is on Ep and I know he reads my stiff because he talks to me about it.