Last Night

last night was a crazy night for the grocery store industry . hell superball is today and everyone needs their beer and potato chips. i had a customer last night he seemed drunk as hell . ask where are your phone cards . me and another associate pointed to the piece of huge plastic in between #11 and #12 . he still didn't see it . so i walk up and say right here sir.  he says what do i have to do to get some ******* service . he thens taps me or while hits me . i say to him do not touch me . he says i will kick your ******* ***.  i point out the gift cards and call my manager on duty . i tell my MOD which was dave. dave watches him and talks to me when he walks out the door . dave mentions the above to him and he says no i didn't . dave asks if you were lieing would you tell me . the guy says yes and starts saying while that ******* kid. dave says see you saying that makes me believe him . the guy asks do you believe him . daves says he hasn't given me a reason not to . the guy says i have been coming to this store before he was working let alone since he was born . all the way from the seventy's . dave says sir i opened this winn dixie in 1986. the customer ask do you have a problem with me . and dave says if i did you would be in the back of an sheriff car.  the customer was verbally warned by me . don't touch me . and then told by dave  i don't like when people threaten my associates . this is the first time i have had to call a MOD over this crap.

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Feb 7, 2010