It's Nice To Be Where I Am In Life

I'm thankful to be through the rough times in my life.  I suffered much with mental illness and hurtful events but I have gained knowlege and patience as I have matured.  I would much rather go through the tough times and learn to grow and live better later than start out with an idyllic life and have it painfully change.
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3 Responses May 23, 2012

i had so much suffering in my past , but now i can see that joy is much more treasured because of the pain .. the wonder of life!

Hi shenightowl sounds like we may have some experiences in common.

yes i feel we do too, a pleasure to meet you!

I am looking forward to the day when I too can say my troubles are behind me and before me only peace.

Free standing my troubles are not behind me as I've realized over and over. I still have bipolar and a stressful home life but I get through each situation still standing. Smile. Sometimes when I'm manic it seems like I'm on top of the world no matter what is going on around me. Then I hit the wall with depression and wallow through the mud.

My troubles aren't behind me I just deal with the issues and pain better.

I have been through rough times as well. My life is now all I ever hoped for...I have peace and contentment in my life.....I am so very grateful.