He Tried to Kill Me

I used to date only the finest guys. They were hot, but they were all jerks. One by one they cheated on me, lied to me and treated me like ****. Often I would find out they were married after we had been dating for a while. One day a normal-looking guy stopped me and told me how beautiful I was. He seemed genuinely nice so I gave him my number. Soon we went on our first date and we really clicked. He was the nicest guy I had met in years. Before I knew it he was moving in with me and we spent every moment of our time together. The first three months were great, after that he became jealous and controlling. I could never go out with my friends anymore. One day, after we had been together for a year I told him that I was going to a concert with my best friend and did he want to come. He said "No, there will be too many guys there." I told him I was going anyways. The concert was a month away and I reminded him every few days that I was going so he could prepare himself. On the evening of the show he confronted me with the news that he was going to tag along. "Great," I thought, "Now I have to pay for his ticket and his drinks." I tried to have a good time even though he was there getting really drunk. When we got home we started to have sex but he hurt me and we got into a fight, so I used it as an opportunity to break up with him. He wasn't having that. He started crying hysterically, on his knees, drooling with snot hanging from his nose-disgusting! He was so upset he began vomiting. He pushed me down to the floor and threw up all over my naked body. He began hitting me and he bit my thumb till it bled. He bashed my head onto the sharp corner of our bed and I think I had a concussion. I showered quickly and put on some clothes. I tried to escape but he brought me down, got on top of me and began choking me. I couldn't breathe and I just knew I was going to die. Just before I lost consciousness, he got off me and as I tried to run away he ripped my shirt wide open. I managed to get out of the house and run to a neighbor's. I called 911 and waited for the police, who were less than a mile away, for an hour and a half. When they arrived we went down to my apartment to find puke everywhere, in every room, all over all the walls. He had gone and had taken all my thongs, my heels, my credit card and my ID. He emptied my bank account. I got a restraining order, but he was never punished for his wrongdoing. I found out that he had a second girlfriend in Corpus Christi where he went out of town to work (?) and he had been sleeping with my best friend's sister during our entire relationship. He is now married to her and five years later I still have to see this piece of **** because I am still friends with his wife's sister. I still hate him and his fat ***** wife. The moral is: ugly guys can be dickheads, too!
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No, after years of being mistreated I was lucky enough to meet my husband whose main purposes in life are to take care of me and make me happy.

Wow, I can't imagine why he wouldn't have been charged with anything. That is terrible. I hope you don't think all guys are so terrible.