I Was So Sick...

I had contracted Hepatitis B from being out on the streets, ****** up on drugs and making bad choices. For a long time after I contracted the disease, I didn't know I was infected. I dragged myself along feeling like crap for weeks until I was vomiting and my eyes turned neon yellow. When I checked myself into the hospital, I almost collapsed at the admissions desk. I was checked in and assigned a doctor. At first he seemed so nice. He would sit on my bed and talk to me about how my life was and why I had gotten myself into this mess.
   I was in a lot of pain and he had me drugged up on pain killers. I drifted in and out of sleep and each time I closed my eyes, I was visited by terrible nightmares. I wrote one of them down, I wanted to remember how scary it was. It was about the evil nurses chasing me through the hospital. The doctor came to visit me a lot and began getting a little too personal. He was rubbing me to sleep and weird **** like that. It got to the point where he put his hand up my gown and began fondling my breasts. I laughed uncomfortably and stopped him. He asked me "What do you want?" As if offering me payment of some sort to continue touching me. "Valium," I mumbled. He nodded and was going to give me some, but then I retracted my statement and told him I didn't want anything. I fell asleep then, but when I awoke I was horrified. I called the nurse and asked to file a report. She told me she would come talk to me. I decided to make some notes, jot down the sequence of events on the only piece of paper in the room- the back of the page where I wrote my dream. The lady came and I read her what I had written. She asked to make a copy of the paper and I asked if I could rewrite it, but she said they would pay no attention to what was on the other side. That was a lie. Hours later I was confronted by staff members who were basically accusing me that this was all a dream.
   Later, a psychiatrist came to visit me and was obviously questioning my sanity.  The nurses told me he was one of the best doctors in the hospital and they were mean from this point on. They even "forgot" to bring me my meals a couple times. Nothing was ever done about this man, I don't think, but I was given a new doctor who treated me like ****. I'm sure he was pissed that I had accused his colleague. He told me that I would most likely get better, but one day I would probably get liver cancer.
SWATgirl SWATgirl
26-30, F
Jul 3, 2007