Living With Only One Parent Because Of Divorce

My dad left my family when I was two. He had found another girlfriend and went to live with her. It really didn't affect me since I was so young, but later on in life my parents got back together. I was in sixth grade and he came back to live with us. I was so happy, I would have never thought that he would leave again. When he left I was dad is my bestfriend and he will always be. I love him with all my heart and I hate it that I can't see him everyday like I did in sixth grade. If you're reading this and you only have one parent living with you then you know what its like to love a parent and not be able to see them everyday. If you're reading this and you are lucky enough to have both parents then you should really appreciate them. Hug them everyday. They've probably been married or together for 13+ years and I know they've gotten on each other's nerves at some point, but they stayed together, just so you all could be a family. You're really lucky
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13-15, F
Mar 28, 2012