This Is a Long Story

        K lets see, When I was 6 My dad left my mom, 2 sisters, and I to go marry another women 20 years younger than him. One of my sisters left to go live with him this also being one of my best friends.

     We moved into some crappy apt with a bunch of older kids who would take there time to beat the crap out of me every now and then i was about 9 then. After that we moved into another apt in a town that was like a myth, this place was almost its own island.

    This is where my sister who lived with my father would come to visit and I to would have to go up and see my father and his new wife. That is when my sister became a compulsive liar and made up story's about my mother to get attention, she fabricated story's of her coming to live with us and how happy we would be together which to me was everything I could want, well that was shot to pieces this would also leave me to watch my mother cry herself to sleep almost every night. This went on for at least 5 years also during she stopped speaking to me and which all of this caused me to become severely depressed and I fought with my dad about every week or so. Being the only man in the house I found it to be my job to protect my family which was only my mom as my other sister left to start he own life. I would listen to my father degrade my mother making me wonder how they could have ever loved each other ( this stopped when I let him know if he said one more thing about her I would knock him out, yet I was only half his size). I would do my best to help my mom with her financial problems as she was to quick to give her money to others to help them, leaving her no money to pay bills, but what advice could a 14yr old have financially ?

    After all of this we moved into a home very close to where we had just lived. The place where we lived besides being so small and it seemed so far from normal people was filled with some of the most racist people I have ever seen. I think there was only one black person in the entire community. The close mindedness was astonishing, it seemed as if it was a different world.

    After about 4 years of living in the new house I thought I had meet the girl of my dreams. Well the so called "Dream Girl" turned out to be one of the worst things to have happened to me. My friend and I fought over her luckily he and I are on good terms today. We were both introduced to the fact she already had a boyfriend on the other side of the country. At this time 3 of my friends were leaving ( 1 Military 1 Shipyard 1 Navy ) so I had almost no one to talk to and this was happening which entered me into an even deeper form of depression also known as double depression. I didn't eat, Sleep, I would do everything I could to stay away from home, walk for endless hours everyday. Until I almost hurt myself but I had my other friends there to help me. My mother and I eventually lost our house.... and had to move away again.

    Now we live in another apt and again are at risk because my mom tried to help people ( she is a nurse and has been for over 35 years, she helped patience get medical care that a doctor has to authorize so she committed fraud b/c it takes forever to get a doc's signature for certain documents and go through insurance - yet when the doctors were asked whether or not the patience actually needed the care that she got for them they all said yes, so all she did was cut 5 months of time out so the patience could get attention right then ) out again and now might be in trouble for it. If so then either her and I or her will probably have to move to Ohio to live with family and I might go to my dads or live with a friend.


So.. thats pretty much my story .

I do have to say though after all of the crap and adversity it made me into who I am. I have become understanding, caring, and open minded which makes me think that if my dad had never left I might have never seen or learned the things that I have and I might be this close minded ******* who doesn't care about anyone but himself. I also would have never meet some of my best friends who I wouldn't trade for the world.
Manovertree Manovertree
18-21, M
May 31, 2007