How could one man **** up so bad?

I'm rediting this story because there are a lot of misspelled words plus the **** I talked about before has gotten worse. He's prone (still) to excesive drinking and actually buying prostitues, I'm find motel, not hotel, motel bills everywhere in the house, he'll be home at odd hours, and he is smashed, the dumb **** can't speak a bit of sense, I will say hello and he will usually reply with "I'm fine leave me alone I just wanna set my foot down to put this bag down" so as you can see, he's a ******* idiot, not only that but the son of a ***** left high school to join the military, now he's a manager at a ****** roofing company. I'm currently 14 almost 15 in the summer, im finishing grade 9 and going to 10, I don't excpect that morosive mother ****** to change a bit, nor do i excpect any type of easy living when im 16 and legally entitelled to move the **** up, I cuss alot in this but i don't care, I have a pent up rage for that bastard and one day im going over the edge, knocking him on his *** and he's not going to get the **** back up.

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I'm sorry this is happening to you. You should talk to your counselor at school and see if he has suggestions on what could be done to help you. Good luck kiddo :)