Hard Times

I have been through a lot all my life my dad and step-mom had treated me like trash since i was 7 until now they were very mean to me and they had put a lot of stress and pressure on me about growing up to fast and they had also never accepted me for who and what i was they wanted me to be somebody who i wasn't they had just made my life a living hell. Like one time my step-mom had hurt me and i told my mom about it and then she told my dad and he didn't believe her and then i tried talking to him and he still didn't believe it and that was very hard to go through because i thought he would believe me but he didn't and then when i went up there they both yelled and screamed at me and they had also called me a liar and i had to apologize to my step-mom for telling the truth. And then another time me and them and my grandparents were at a restaurant and i had a nervous meltdown because i was feeling sad about something i can't really remeber why i was crying because it was such a long time ago but anyway my grandparents were trying to comfort me and my dad and step-mom said stop babying her and then they said to me stop embarrassing us and then after we left the restaurant they took me to a mental hospital and they tried to check me in but they couldn't because the rooms were full and i remeber them tellling me that. So they had me talk to a psychologist instead and then after we left the hospital they both took me home and yelled and screamed at me and that was very hard and painful to go through. And then i remeber another time when me and my dad were playing basketball and he asked me to lift up my shirt and that had really made me feel uncomfortable and i said no and i don't think he said anything after that and i can't really remeber if he did or not but anyway they had just made my life very hard and difficult for me they had yelled and scremed at me and they had also made me feel that i wasn't good enough for them they had just made my life and they had also emotionally abused me they had just made my life a living hell.

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1 Response Mar 15, 2009

yeah ive been through somthing simler god your brave i dont know how to even start to say what ive been through but maybe one day ill coness like you / maybe this is wrong to say but i hope your happy and those things i cant say people feel gulity for what they have done to you i wish you all the best truly