Just The Beginnig: Unexpected

Just like a story out of a book, every life has a beginning, middle and end.
This is my beginning.

My mom told me the day I was born, was her miracle of life. That the sun had never shinned brighter, that the birds never sang louder. She never imagined so much happiness and joy could come from this tiny little life. That her daughter Taylor Nicole, held so much light in her eyes. She saw the future for her daughter. A life filled with joy, happiness, no pain, just love. Little did she know, that those are just stories in fairy tell books. That life does not come without pain, sorrow, darkness. Maybe my mom was just wishful thinking, wanting the absolute best for me. Because being her little girl after all, that's all she wanted for my life. But would happen to me as the years passed, nobody expected to happen to this little girl. To me. That a once shinning, beautiful red rose, would soon fade to black, with petals barley hanging on, to such a lifeless stem. But I guess that's life. They always tell us to expect the unexpected. But what they don't tell us, is what to do when the unexpected comes knocking on your door. Or how much of the unexpected will show up. I guess it is just life after all, isn't it? Not matter how much planning, and wishful thinking you make for yourself, life happens. The unexpected happens. And what we do with the unexpected we're given, is what makes us who we are. How you choose to live your life after, is what defines just how strong you are. Being pushed beyond your limits, at a young age, like myself, taught me the difference between a true hero and a coward.

Like I said, this is just the beginning of my story. I'm starting right from the beginning, and leaving nothing behind.
tayybayy tayybayy
18-21, F
Sep 9, 2012