Am In Dark Night Of Soul

Is any one else out there in dark night of the soul? Tell me there is! I have been in this difficult place for 10 years. Cannot believe it really. All those days of struggling in the dark and being hurt left, right and centre by God. It is only now that I am feeling peace in my physical body.

Have been through some tests and trials. Most of them via being on Jobseekers and having to do about 4 work programmes and hold on despite how things look financially. Have lost my family due to it and am solitary and on my own 24/7 and no respite from anyone around me or anything out side of me.

If any one else knows how I feel please share your experience.

angelml angelml
41-45, F
1 Response May 2, 2012

I feel your pain and know the feeling of hopelessness and low self worth <br />
it is difficult to focus on positive thoughts and helpfull advice even in a crowd you feel alone . <br />
But i found that at night when you are lying in your bed and the darkness and dispair fill you thoughts with regret , <br />
Breath deep slowly say a prayer to the higher forces (it does not have to be religous) <br />
Think of your chakras energy centres in you body Solar plexus centre of your body your heart and head and just imagine opening those areas to the enery , ask for help and guidance . Im not saying you life will turn round tomorrow but you will start to feel livelier and more positive bit by bit the power will grow and you will find a peace you never knew trust please trust and it will happen. <br />
I know you may not believe me but please trust.