I have an issue, an issue or few. My mom thinks I hate her because I talk so horrible 2 her... it's not that I hate her bc I don't I'm just upset with a grudge... see, she was an alcoholic as well as my father -.- & also a soma queen with others & my dad a coffee feiiiiin....legittttt. my mom and dad stayed together for 14 years, whew long as ever!!!! Jkjk. So when I was 13 they split up, just as I stated to like boooys....good one! I lost my virginity in 07(duhhhh I remember) I'm weird & overly slap happy. Any way point of the matter is I've been constentlyyyyy in-&-out of abusive relationships since I last my card...I had a daughter at the age of 18& was sooooo excited...but lost everything e.v.e.r.y.t.h.I.n.g..I'm not trying to get all crazy because I trust no one to& it's my first post.. my daughter is in my mother's care,I don't see her much & NO I'm not on drugs or anything , but my mom use to pick on me bad when her and my dad FIGHT... call me names. I'm not with my daughter's ***** doner and the mfffff hasn't even seen her in two years, am I wrong for having mental health issues and wanting to get ME situated I love my daughter by all means I just have issues I dint want her to feel like I did...I feel bad for Shasta cussing my mom out but holymolyyy....I just feel that although I KNOW better, my thought process is in a spot where if my mom raised me right& never did yatta yatta I wouldn't be in the spot I am.remind you my mom took my daughter away from me calling cps....am I holding a grudge? Am I wrong for being so resentful towards both my parents because I wouldn't follow the same pattern if I didn't watch it up until I was 13'''''idk I'm a blogger
regarnylkoorb regarnylkoorb
22-25, F
Aug 30, 2014