Enjoying Both Lives

It was halloween 2009, my friends and I were discussing where to go, and a gay frined of a friend told us to go to the biggest gay club in colombia, and maybe in America, and It was by far the best party I have ever been to, the costumes where really something special, the music was amazing and the whole environement was pretty pleasant, you could go almost naked to dance and nobody cared about it, it was total freedom, btw the people where very attractive, I didnt made contact with anyone but I really enjoyed it, I still go to straight bars specially with my friends that dont know that Im into this, I have a party straight live and gay night live, lately I only visit this gay places with a lesbian friend that I knew in college, but shes my only gay friend, because ever since we all started working, there is just not enough time, and the gay friend that took us to all this places is now living in uk, so those partys are almost over... :(
zanaffer zanaffer
22-25, M
Jul 30, 2011