Funny Thing

Today I found out from my friend that she had put her cell phone in the washing machine with her clothes. >.> <.< >_< Now I dunno if I can txt her. >_< And she was like "I knew I was forgetting something..." and I'm like "epic facepalm" lmfao. How can you forget putting your cell phone in the washing machine? I accidentally dropped my other cell phone in the toilet one time, but thank god it still works. XD But really IN THE WASHING MACHINE?! LOL. Yeah. Just shows you how dumb people are when they have little to no sleep. And insomnia runs strongly with me and my friends. But I get loopy if I stay awake for more than 3 days. The longest I've gone without sleep has been 5 days. After that I'm just gone, you know? GONE. LMFAO. Yeah. So putting your cell phone in the washing machine is NOT cool. Remember that people. LOL. It could die. And you'd be screwed unless you have a spare cell like moi. But if you don't you're screwed. >_< So no cell phones in washing machines or toilets. K? XD
FluffyFirerose FluffyFirerose
18-21, F
May 12, 2012