What You Do When Bored

Now I've known people who do small things when bored, but when you live where I live you're up doing STUPID things, like sticking condoms on door handles and apples in toilets and clothes in a tree and having food fights and water wars in the kitchen. Things like that. Throwing pancakes at the fan in the kitchen. TP-ing a house. Jumping off a bridge for fun. **** like that. When you live in a house with people that range from the age of 18 to 27 you start to act like a kid with sneaky/devious intentions. God only knows how far you can go...which is pretty far if you didn't know. XD Now if any children read this I must say now: DO NOT DO THIS AT YOUR HOUSE!! XD Where I live we are crazy and we do things like that cos we are pranksters. We scared the **** out of this lady who visits us one time by stacking chairs up on the table and putting a teddy bear on top of it then putting the coffee table on the couch with pillows on top of that and when it fell over she almost **** herself. It was epic. lol. EPIC. Half the **** you do at Elmgrove is EPIC. lmfao. Yeah. So this is not for the minds of children thank you. XD
FluffyFirerose FluffyFirerose
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Elmgrove = Craziness LMFAO