A Bad Encounter At A Gay Bar

One of my close friends I met in the Army admitted to me that he was gay (before Don't Ask Don't Tell was repealed) and so I started going places with him and hanging out with people I otherwise wouldn't have.

We were at this gay club in Austin called OCH and we were both drinking a lot. I was one month away from my 21st birthday, but since he knew one of the owners I walked in through a side door.

I got the bad idea of drinking long island iced teas and ended up having to go to the bathroom. As I was standing in line a middle-aged guy started chatting to me and I tried not to be rude. After finishing my business I left and went back to the bar hoping to lose the guy, but he showed up a couple minutes later, offering to buy me a drink. I figured I'd let him. Of course, since it was long islands I soon became wasted. I tried to hint to the man that I was only at a gay bar because I was with a gay friend. He wasn't buying it, so I started texting my friend trying to get him to come save me. But I was drunk enough that my texts were not making sense, and it turns out he had gone to a neighboring gay bar.

Too drunk to figure out what to do, I left the bar and threw up on the side-walk. The man was there, and decided to look out for me. He called a cab and while we waited he kept telling me to keep my head up or else I'd get arrested for public intoxication, so I did my best. I told him "I just wanna go back to my hotel."

The cab arrived and we hopped in. I was half-asleep drifting in and out of consciousness but when the cab arrived, we were not at my hotel. We were at some trailer park by the looks of it, but being nearly pass-out drunk, I stumbled inside his mobile home and sat down on the couch. I'm not sure what he left to do, but I remember a big, white, shaggy dog excited to see me and wanting attention. When the man came into the living room I told him I just wanted to go to my hotel. He sat down next to me insisting that if I wanted I could crash on his couch. But I kept repeating "I just wanna go back to my hotel." It was the only concept my drunken mind could latch onto.

He eventually caved and called another cab. I once again was in and out of consciousness as we rode, and the taxi dropped him off somewhere else, and finally, made its way to the Marriott where my friend and I were staying. The meter read $31.15. I handed the cabby two twenties and told him to keep the change.

"Really?" he asked, surprised.

"It's been a long night" I replied. And indeed it had, as it was nearly 4 AM.

I made it to the hotel room, but my friend wasn't back. I crashed on the bed immediately.

Around 8 my friend called to inform me his sister was almost to the hotel and if I would let her in. I had of course forgotten she would be arriving that morning. I let her in. We introduced ourselves and chatted briefly before I admitted:

"I'm still drunk." She had the decency to "go for a walk" while I sobered up and got ready for our day on the town.

After she left I pulled my wallet out to do my post-club checks, and there was a white calling card with the club's logo on it. It had a phone number and a name: Russel.
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Oh, my gosh I wa thinking you were going to get raped and my heart sank. *Ugh* Thank god you were not!

jejeje but your lucky, I dont consider myself ugly or something like that but very few times someone tries to hit on me... and mostly when they see me wasted :s I must be a toad but whatever, good story :)

Well I am not near as successful with women :P