I Have Never.

I have never been in a gay bar or any bar that much really i would love to but i'm really nervous and get really worried if i'm out in a far place for too long ya pathetic right but still i would love to go to a gay bar maybe hook up with one or two guy's get talking and maybe something else but i really don't think there are any in the north east of england near houghton-le-spring can someone help a nervous guy out :) thank you respect.
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I know how you feel I was nervous at first but I relaxed had a few drinks next I knew I was dancing with this guy I had so much fun

I'm sure there might be some there you just have to look for them try finding them on the internet that's how I ended up finding the one's that were near me and the first time I went to a gay bar boy was it fun :) (although I did go alone and I was a bit nervous myself as well) but sometimes you just have to step out of that nervous guy shell and get your feet wet a bit believe me when I say you'll enjoy going to a gay bar/club.

Thank you very much but my nervous are so strong it's hard for me to do that but nothing ventured nothing gained right :) i'll have a look :) respect 10Shadow

Just remember take things one step at a time and if your not ready yet then don't force yourself to go just wait till you feel comfortable and when you get there you should be fine. :)

Thank's i hope i can go to one i'm bi but have never been with any one girl or guy before so i'm desperate to start exploring :)

Well I'm bi-curious and I've been with girls before but i'm exploring with guys right now, I wish you luck on everything.

You are exploring how do you like it so far

I thought I was bi but as time went on I realized I was gay

Thank you same to you dude :)

I sure was nervous at first I met a few guys got to talking and dancing I had a lot of fun

That's the same thing that usually happens to me when I go to the gay bars now.

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