It's Fun

I've been to gay bar in Bali twice. My friend asked me if I wanted to go and I say "Why not?". I get to dress whatever I want,  showing my cleavage without some guy thinks I'm hinting that "Yeah, sure. You can grab 'em." NOT!!!!

I had a gread time, enjoyed the show and a good laugh as I saw my friend's wife a bit shocked after one of the dancer sway his  crotch near her face. LOL. Oh...good times. We were also given seats by this couple cause (maybe) they thought that my friend  brought his mom, aunt and sister along. Oh boy, that's sooo funny. And yes, you can guess it, nobody approach him nor talk to him  the whole night.

Janesiswanto Janesiswanto
26-30, F
Feb 27, 2009