many years ago my wife worked with a gay man and they would always get a bunch of the employees together on friday night and go out. one night Ed complained that we always went to bars he didn't feel real comfortable going to because they were always straight bars. Well one night we decided he was right and agreed as a group to go to the one and only gay bar in my hometown. It was alright at first for the most part people left us alone but one guy got drunk and started bugging me to dance with him and would not take no for an answer so i decided to leave before any trouble got started. Seemed like the intelligent thing to me but he followed me to the door and kept screaming at me asking "what the hell i was doing in a gay bar if i wasn't gay?" he didn't seem to care that i was there with my wife and even when i told him we were just there because our friend wanted to go there he wouldn't stop. Finally a bouncer came over and asked if i wanted to leave and i said "not really but i'm going to just to avoid trouble" they threw the other guy out and asked me to stick around until my group left because they had trouble with that guy before and were afraid he might wait outside for awhile. After that we stayed till closing time Ed had a great time some of the ladies played at being lesbians (not seriously) and i sat and got drunk and laughed a lot LOL

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guess i should have been happy i never get hit on in straight bars......well except that one drunk old lady but that was just kinda scary LOL

its no biggie they are just like any other