I Didnt Know I Was Crazy Until Then

My first time in a mental hospital was at Eglin Air Force Base, Fl. I was in pre deployment training there with 150 other troops AND my abusive husband. Before we left to go to Florida I talked to my supervisor and expressed my concerns about my husbands anger issues. My supervisor said dont worry about it we will take care of it when we come back. After three days of being in the field, setting up C Wire and telecommunications and learning the best combat strategies to stay alive, my husband got physical with me.

I tried to call my mom, you know how mom's are when their daughters have dangerous husbands and jobs that increase their risk of injury. Well I couldnt get through to her because my husband didnt pay the phone bill. I had given him 200 dollars before we left for the training to take care of the electric and the phones so that we didnt have to deal with later. Well he got pissed when I questioned where the money went. As we were walking into one of the tents to clean our weapons, he pushed me up against a building wall, put his hands around my throat and said I needed to talk to him with some sense. I jerked him off of me in front of at least 70 higher ranking Security Police ( which was what our job was) and only one of them came to help me. He pulled us out of ranks and talked to us. It ended with my husband getting sent back to our home base and my husband told them that the cut on my arm was from me trying to commit suicide. The day before I was laying C Wire and had cut myself pretty badly. I didnt go to the hospital because it wasnt deep enough to be serious, so I had my husbands friend that was laying the wire with me bandage it up.

They asked to see my arms and I pleaded that they believe me, but they said they had to take precautions. Then they rushed me to the hospital and then put me into the mental unit for three days. I then got out because they said that I wasnt suicidal and blah blah blah. But that experience sure as hell put the idea in my head.

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Yeah,doesnt sound so nice.There are better men out there.