I Ain't Craze, Are You?

I Ain't Craze, Are you?

   I want the public to decide who is crazy I or the doctor.  I say the docs crazy and she says I am crazy.  Here's the story: 
     I went to see my doctor and decided to be who I really was: a talkative guy with a sense of humor. The doc told me one day, "I like to get to know as much about my patients as I can." So, since she asked for it I decided to show her the real me, up until that time I had been acting like a good softly spoken patient. In other words she was controlling me.

  After a long oration, my usual style, which was overflowing with information and wisdom, she even gave me extra time because she was interested in me: not for what I was saying but only from a calculating doctor physiologists point of view.  During our one sided conversation she excuse herself ,and left the room, coming back with a registered nurse and said you don't mind if my nurse sits in.
   I said is was OK with me.   The nurse stood around listening  and observing me.  I believed the doc had  told her that she had a real nut case and she wanted her, the nurse to observe me and gain some experience of what a real nut case acts like.  It was on the job training. I was on stage and didn't know it. 
   When I got the electronic records she had written, for the record, that I was cognitively impaired, had delusion of grander and did not-get this-act according to the situation. The doctor meant that I did not act like a patient.
     Now here I am running around with some mental conditions that I never knew about. I feel good and begin to think what business was it of the doctor to put into the electronic records, in a negative way, the character traits that are my normal personality.  I am one of the last of the raconteurs. I just enjoy talking and I am the master of the riposte and nobodies fool. 
     I’ll tell you the truth I think that the doctor is cognitively impaired and probably needed to see a psychologist.  If she can have her opinion so can I because I Ain't craze or stupid. When I think back it was amusing.   I chuckle about it n
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Delusions of grandeur don't mean you are crazy, they mean you think you are highly important, much more so than a "regular" person. Without giving us what you said to make her think this, it is hard to say she is wrong for her assessment. "Crazy" isn't even a medical diagnosis. People who display delusions of grandeur, however, tend to have Bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, schizophrenia, and a few others are possible. Most people don't think they are THAT important, they think they are generally important but they aren't capable of saving the world or anything like that. You say you are "nobody's fool" so I would ask if you have ever been made to feel like a fool? Has someone you trusted broken that trust?

well, from the way you wrote it, it seems that the doctor really needs a psychologist. :)