Doin' My Time - 3 Weeks

I had a rather enjoyable time in a small, teenage, mental hospital. At least, it was better then home life.

There were 3 other patients at the time and I still keep in touch with all of them. I had my own room, bathroom, ex... Everything was structured and caring, the perfect environment for people like me. Although I had major mental breakdowns every other night.

I did get discharged for 3 days (except for lunch and school) because I wasn't eating enough, I promptly returned. I was in danger of leaving multiple times after that because my eating habits remained at the bare minimum for what they considered acceptable eating.

The one thing I didn't like was them checking through my bags and eating together (I get panicky when eating with strangers). I loved the relaxed atmosphere.

Mental hospitals are not nearly as scary as you'd think.

I was placed in the hospital primarily for major self-injury, panic attacks, and suicidal stuff.

During this time I was still a minor.
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Healthy? Hardly.