Yes Yes ....i Was The Nurse That Shot You

I never thought i would be work in one ..but yes about six years ago i work in one the people were really off the wall ...we had one woman who thought she was a beauty queen and each and every moring at 5 am she would take off everything and go outside cold or not and put on a show ..she would sing and dance ...walk round like she was showing for the judges ...and there was this man loved to climb up on the roof and sit and wait for the fire dept to show up ..he like one of the guys that came on call ....and sex well it happed all the time and we couldn't stop it  because by law your allow to have sex if your of age...all we could was give out condoms...and one guy in the place had AIDS ..we did our best to keep him away from the others ..i was only there for six months ..but it was so hard to live though....when it time for pills and shots ..i got kicked punched and one guy tried to rip off my clothers ...i got hit ..step on called every name in the book ...pee on ..its really really a bad place to be ....and i pray none of you ever need to there
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couldn't work in a place like that myself but i suppose some one has too!

I worked in a psychiatric facility when I was in college - I remember the stories to this day! One thing I found so interesting is how pretty stable patients would spiral down depending on the environment around them. I saw one kid go from being in an unlocked unit - had a job, went to school to being in a full locked unit with a male aid at his side at all times cause he would randomly punch people, knock them out! He broke one guys nose. very disturbing.

i'm a nurse too and i think being one really gives you so many things to write about, including this.

I was about 9 years old and in 3rd grade we had this neighbor named Edith. We would come home one day to find her on the front lawn with lipstick on her face wearing nothing but a blanket saying that she was Pochantas waiting on the Pilgrims. My father used to keep a "well stocked bar" on top of the dresser in the living room, because he used to be a bartender and we had this door at the bottom of the stairs that led to the other apartment downstairs, well one day we came home to find ol' Edith in the bathtub taking a bath in all my dad's booze wanting to ":wash away all her sins". she finally went to the mental ward at the hospital where my mom worked as a nurse's aid. <br />
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She worked for geriatrics home but they had a psych section there for years till the county finally built a mental hospital just down the road years later. The staff used to send my mom there to take care of the patients because everybody else was too frightened to go there.

Oh boy! After reading life problems seems so unimportant:)

I understand we have all found ourselves in places that shouldn't even exist. It is good you atleast put the story out there and turned the place in.

i was not thinking about myself at that time ...i was thinking about my friend losing her job and not being able to take care of her kids....and then of course those poor people left there one really cares ..and i did turn them in for poor care ...but nothing happen

Sounds like you were in the wrong Psych ward to me. I have been in 3 times and never saw people having sex with each other. I have seen people lose control when manic or psychotic. I myself was running from the horse and carriage after I had dialysis when I almost died from medication toxicity. Still The places I have been in and friends have been in were very controlled and safe. I met a man who was dying of aids the 2nd time I was in the psychiatric ward. He was one of the most wonderful people I ever met. In fact when I entered that ward after coming in from suicidal ideation That man was in the Great room playing classical music. He was kind and loving. He would have never tried to hurt anyone but himself possibly. Think he was in for suicide also.<br />
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My point is how sad you had this experience. How sad there are still palces like that. I have been very fortunate to have been in safe nurturing psych wards. So next time maybe you could check out the policy and philosophy of the place you are going to care for people and turn the job down or report the place if it is like that. Seems like you are too caring of a person to work somewhere that unsafe and uncaring.

it was just funny i ended up there ..a friend of my mine asked me to fill in for her...well it was only going to be for two weeks ..but things happen and my friend couldn't work ....fell down some steps and broke her leg ...and they didn't any else to work that why i was there ...but never again