Been Der Twice.. Like Jail.

I found myself .helping myself. There really is a huge difference when money is involoved.... the hospital with more money r.eally is better in a way yet in all it felt like jail. I hate to say, but it didnt really help me at all. it did a little but to a certain point . thats it............idk I think some of the staff there really didnt help you and seem bored . I still feel like i need help jus idk if il go back there ..maybe il try a new hospital..tht is if i wanna get the courage to ask for help....I didn't like it. but i did like how you meet others who have the same problem because in a way their the ones helping you not the staff.

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My patterns of behavior were basically me waking up not knowing if I'll be happy or sad. I'll be happy for a while and then next thing you know I'm yelling and getting mad for no reason and then later crying for the dumbest reason. I have bipolar, but I was never treated properly for it, so after a while my bipolar got worse and I was sent to the mental hospital for it. <br />
They didn't help me much, and the medicine didn't work for me, but my doctor said since I never did take the proper medication for my bipolar - I would have to start at a low dose and work my way up. He explained that the medicine he gave me at first won't do much help for me because my bipolar needs a stronger med. <br />
So, now I'm still taking mediciation, but there still raising the dose because its not helping as much. <br />
My behaviors are crazy and unpredicatable -but after a while I notice if I kept myself busy with any sort of work or assignment - it would help my moods a little because I'm focusing and distracting myself to something else

I understand...

Yeah i would hate to just wait and let ma problem get worse..ima try to help afta sku over because I don't want to waste days at school, you know?

well...don't let the statistics get you down! I was OK for 5 years and then I got sick again last May and had to check myself in to get my medication adjusted. It was hard to do-but the option of just getting sicker and sicker didn't make too much sense to me. I have been OK again for almost a year. It is an illness--mental illness--and sometimes we just need a tune-up--but if the places we had to go didn't suck so much it would be a lot easier to deal with for me.

Yeahh and after a while the food can get tirinq..I don't know after being at a mental hospital being a nerd.....I decided to do research on mental hospitals..........and for every 100 mental patients fewer than 12 are discharged as improved. and more than 40% have to be readmitted and reconfinedd..usually within a few months......

I agree--it is always the other patients who help. Most staff is worthless and just on a power trip. I have been in expensive places and state hospitals and the only difference as far as I can tell was the food.