Definitive Self?

Someone asked recently what defines self? Is it action or thought?

One of the (many) things about christianity that drives me crazy is the
premise that if you think about doing it then you have already
performed the action. Absolute rubbish!

I desire to do things daily that , because of the consequences, I choose not to execute.

Though there are people I would like to kill, what right have I to do so in lieu of self defense?

I’m offered a line at a party and though I’d love to indulge a
little, I know it would soon turn into a compulsion so I refuse.

A cute girl at work flirts with me, do I follow through with my
desires or avoid hurting my Nikki and getting in the middle of a messy
and heart rending break up?

Admittedly, these examples are pretty tame compared to most of my
internal debates. They are however, common choices most of us face on a
regular basis.

Mark Twain referred to man as a machine, Anton LaVey said man was just
another animal (albeit the most vicious) and Nietzsche said Man is a
piece of the universe made alive. They are all correct, at least in
part. We all have or daily machinations, we all have carnal desires and
deep within us the vicious longings which if left unchecked, could lead
not only to our own demise but the demise and/or suffering of those
around us. We are all part of the universe, energy can be neither
created nor destroyed, it simply changes forms.

What defines us as who we are? Is it our desires? Is it our social
status? Is it our actions? Is it that vicious (but completely natural)
animal we hold at bay within ourselves?

I say no to all of these. I contend that it is much more what we don’t
desire, think, indulge in, say or do that defines our character. It is
not the presence of but the absence of certain thoughts, actions and
desires which make up the whole of who we are.

This is a debate old as Philosophy itself.

I think therefor I am,

Actions speak louder than words,

The pen is mightier than the sword.

only answer we have is our own personal belief on the matter of self. It was a good question though.

Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers-


Think for yourself and allow others to do so-

36-40, M
Jan 11, 2012