A Matter Of Conscience

A Matter of Conscience

My conscience is simply a guideline. I listen to it and decide either for or against its advice.

More often than not it isnt my voice but the voices of others, which are in my head whispering their approval or disapproval.

It is true we all get programmed to some level. However it is how we react to it which makes us who we are. Some people , in an attempt to escape their bonds , often strike out immediately in the opposite direction.
They aren't truly freethinkers. They are simply sheep who change their polarization so to speak. They strive to find anything that will **** off the authority figures in their lives. They aren't thinking for themselves they are simply running as fast as they can towards what they believe are "greener pastures".

The black sheep are just as detestable as the white perhaps, more so.

Those who deify the opposite of what they are running from instead of developing a piety towards their selves are in the same boat as the "righteous". They are just rowing in the opposite direction. So the boat drifts along with the current of time but its inhabitants really never go anywhere but in circles. There is no growth only banter. There is no free thought just a constant repetition of stagnant ideas. Time drifts along but they barely notice the changes going on around them because they are so focused creating turmoil for the other.

I would rather jump out of the boat and swim or sink.

Have the courage to climb the hill and look down on both flocks. Watch how similar they are as they graze. They are both fodder. Their shepherds are weak and are obviously more concerned with themselves than the bleating of the masses. Could that be a spark of intelligence?

When you hunger find out which herd suits your pallet and eat your fill.

I myself am epicurean in my tastes.

I like to thin both sides.

They are replaced faster than you can thin them though.

I digress however, the wolf never concerns himself with how many sheep their are.
36-40, M
Jan 11, 2012