All Because of a Man

I was married for about   a yr and a half ...  i was working for Claire's in the mall by our house in cinci ...  and my husband would always pick me up at night  when i would get off work ...  well i started to notice that when he was picking me up  he would be on the cell phone until i got in the car then magically  he would be off of it ... so  one day his bill came in and i opened it and there where like  12 calls everyday to one number ...  so  i called it and it was a female ... So i freaked out and started getting paranoid ... ( on top of it low and behold  i have  bipolar d/o 1 )  and i confronted him he said they were just friends well one night he went out with his friend " andy "  and didnt get home til like four in the morning and he quit answering his phone ....  that monday  i went to jewish hospital they didnt do anything  so my  sister and my sons grandmother cornered me in my apartment and made me go to the hospital  and i was admitted that night ...  i was there for ten  days ...  when i went in i weighed 78 lbs ....  and it was all because i didnt feel good enough for my husband  he was a personal trainer and worked for Golds and would always come home and tell me how these girls hit on him ...  and blah blah  the second time i was put in they  kept me seven days then  i  finally left my husband four days  after i got out ...  and i will never let someone affect me that way again !!!!!
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well done for leaving him :) he was a pig

I'm glad you got away from him. Also glad to hear, you won't let any one do that to you again. Good Luck

Good for you for ultimately getting out of the relationship.

i understand you are going to make it fudge that guy

I'm sorry you had to go through that.<br />
<br />
Congratulations on realizing you needed to leave him.

I ended up going crazy because of my ex's affairs and lies that one day I went to my local a&e and asked to see a psychiatrist! They said "why" I said "I think I'm going mad".<br />
I waited for an hour and no one turned up so I left again.

I'm so glad you got away from your ex husband. It sounds like he didn't deserve you.