Just The Beginning

Over time, I'd like to share most of the details of my hospitalizations, but I'll need to do it in sections.

The first visit happened when I was teaching high school in Mississippi. I had moved there from NY via Illinois. Before moving to NY from Illinois, I was arrested for public intox in Indiana. While in jail for 12 hours, I was beaten severely in the head. 2 years later, I had an experience while high, that I thought I was to be the second coming of Christ. 4 years later, when in Mississippi, I had an a emotional recall of the jail a few days after smoking marijuana, possibly laced with PCP. I started hallucinating, then believed that I was raped while in jail. Coupled this with telling my friend about the Christ stuff, and sharing a life goal of playing in the NBA, at night I found myself going down to the Mississippi river to baptize myself. After I ******** to my boxers, a police officer found me. He was going to arrest me when I told him I was the "Son of Man" and he called for an ambulance. This was my first of about 5 hospitalizations over a 4 year span. I spent about a week inside. Strangely, one of the fellow patients told me, that if I wanted to get out, I need to NOT do what they asked. I started breaking rules, and pretty soon, they seemed to no longer want me there. I'm not sure exactly how I got out, but it helped that my parents were in town, visiting regularly and took me back to Illinois afterwards until I could recover.
MadeItOut MadeItOut
Jul 3, 2012