Pills Arent For Ever Thing

i have been to the hospital 2 times for my depression and panic att and my depression is still bad im on all diffrents med for it the stay was ok the people was ok but i think instend of keepn us drug up all the time the really need to try and help us and stop puttin pills down us... i dont think pills is the anw.... for ever thing
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2 Responses Apr 25, 2007

The hospital I was in only used medication (other then things like anti-depressants, mood stabilizers and such) to sedate the patients that were having trouble being settled. It didn't happen a lot and they would tell the patient and/or the patients carer/family. I have been put on a lot of medication and it has really helped me. The doctors can only prescribe medication in the hospital I use so it's more the doctors misusing the medication then the hospital. I don't agree with highly medicating someone if they don't need it or they are not going to benefit from it.

You are so right. I was in a psych ward when I was younger and they had me on so many meds by the time I got out that it only made my bipolar worse. I was violent and angry all the time. I took myself off all of my meds 6 years ago. Still get depressed....but nothing like I was. I channel my feelings a bit differently too....but tons of medicines isn't the answer all the time.