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I work with a lot of people who suffer from mental illness and I have to say the media really does paint an incorrect picture.  Many are really great people who unfortunatly get stigmatized because of their afflictions.  Yes I was at a mental hospital but I was just visiting.  My best friend growing up was always a little strange and in high school he got more and more strange until he ended up in a mental hosptial.  He is schizophrenic, I visited him several times but eventually I moved on and lost track of him.  I think if we hooked up now we'd make a great sitcom....the social worker and the schizo....would you watch it? 

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Thanks for this.

I'm doing some research for a novel I'm writing and discovered this site. I think people should lighten up a little. I did not take offense to your statement at all. <br />
I understand what it's like to have a disability. I have PTSD. I constantly have to deal with narrow minded people who think those who have PTSD will go wacky on others because of it. No everyone with PTSD goes postal on others. Some of us are good kind and loving people who simply struggle with the afters effects of a traumatic events or events.

I agree with you. Society, the media, they all have these images about people that have been hospitalized. They think your just automatically "crazy". But being in a mental hospital myself, and being around other people in there, it's a lot different than people build it up to be. If they really took the time to understand us and know us, they would know were not insane, we're just regular people with problems that have become too overwhelming to handle. After all, nobodys perfect.

I would most definitely - as a person with bipolar the only reason I make it through each day is if I can find the humour - without it I may as well curl up and die!<br />
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I am not saying mental disease is something to laugh at - but you have to find a way to cope.<br />
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One day I will post my personal experience in a psychiatric ward - its good for a laugh - I promise

i think people like you should exsperiance the pain that some of us have gone through. do you know what it feels like to wake up when ur supose to be dead its scary as hell. on top of that ur hand cuffed to a bed and you know you are going to have to exsplane this to ur parents.

Yes, I would watch it, at least three times.

I would watch it being I like to laugh at my bipolar its fun to mo that there are others like me and the funny crazy **** we do

Some of the responses to my post are even funnier than my lame joke in the post! Thanks to those of you who are with me and don't take life so seriously. To the others you don't have to find my post funny the intention of the post was not to be funny it was to point out that as over9000 pointed out schizophrenic folk would hate you for thinking they're just babies. <br />
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You guys missed the entire point and really just reinforced what I was saying. I admittedly have a strange sense of humor and your responses have struck me as funnier than anything my warped mind could come up with. <br />
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Oops soorry about that I dont want to offend anyone so lets rephrase that to funnier than anything my slightly DEVELOPMENTALLY DISABLED mind could come up with.

Exactly If I had to have a social worker (fingers crossed i never do!) I, at least, would prefer someone who had a sense of humor.

thats not a funny joke. I work with DEVELOPMENTALlY DISABLED persons as well. By the way, thats what they are called, they are not mentally ill. but yea, no i wouldnt watch it.