Never Again!

My grandfather overdosed on his Parkinson's medicine once. He was taken to a Mental Hospital so he could ween off the medicine. It was a very terrible place, my grandfather hated it there, and I will do everything I can to insure he doesn't go back. The doctors tried to keep him there longer, they fed him more pills which made him more tired. I was very surprised to see my Grandmother so calm in a time like this, because she is never calm, ever. But my grandmother is the soul reason my grandfather was able to get out of that place, because she came in every day with me and she made sure he wasn't fed any more nasty pills so he could get better. Praise god, and Praise my grandmother. And of course, praise the family. Mental Hospitals are horrible places, I hope he never goes back again.
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They are bad places..I've been in the locked ward twice(no thrice) for feeling suicidal...the charcoal was awful and I couldnt wait to get out of there and go home..I always got out the next day...

Hey thats a better alternative! Minneapolis wasn't so bad..but riverside CA sucked! They left the lights on all night! I only went there because I was living in a motel and my money ran out so I went to the ER and told them how I felt. I wanted to go inpatient but they released me the next day >:( I was basically homeless and needed guidance in a lot of ways.
So I take the bus back to the ER. The shelter had openings so I got in.

I've also worked as a counselor. It is sad. Especially people that have schizophrenia.

Well at least I wasn't on the street. I had a car but was looking for a shelter and they said they are full. I was there for two weeks. An older woman came in and said she wanted to take in some roommates so I spoke up and recommended my friend that worked in the kitchen(washing dishes grrrrr) and my life eventually improved after that. My own place and nice job.

IF I heard loud voices in my head I would have anxiety attacks. Out of my control? I dont like that. I grew up with a schizo til I was 17 so I'm used to them. Lucky its not contagious or Id be real sick! lol...and the meds they take have awful side effects(to lessen the voices)..drooling..tardive dyskensia(cant sit still)'re facked either way

Do you have loud voices in your head or see things that aren't there? Regularly? I wouldn't worry.

If you told a doc that he might put you on some crappy med. The good part is you know they're illogical. really crazy people insist on this stuff hehe. Try to keep things in having a lamp on or a door open to a room that has a light on.

Is schizophrenia the same thing as seeing and talking to ghost.

It could be. there also could really be a ghost there! I believe in that.

Okay I have three spirit in me and people do t believe me wha do I do. One 5 years old two13 and third 14. What do I say to them.

Do ghosts hallucinate?

If I may butt in? I think what you talk about are irrational feelings rather than anything schizophrenic, I don't think they are of the same origin as a schizophrenic has delusions and paranoia, that's my take it on it from what you've said if it's any consolation.

His description is typically indicative of panic attacks not schizophrenia ...still he should see a professional because chronic sleep disturbances should be evaluated.

DO ghosts ever get panic attacks ?

LMAO! @ ghosts and panic attacks!

They get flabbergasted

this thread got off track

the dialogue in me brain : 1.There was talk of hallucinations and ghosts ... 2.There was talk of the differences between hallucinations and panic attacks... 3.this is in a group about mental hospitals 4. A lot of abandoned asylums for the insane (aka mental hospitals) are rumored to be haunted 5. The ghosts would therefore likely be suffering from various mental illnesses ...and thus my question Do ghosts have panic attacks? Do they hallucinate? Are they forced to suffer without access to medication ...

My guess would be no

I wonder though because people talk about ghosts being the people they were in life, mean people are mean ghosts etc... And maybe the severely mentally ill have trouble 'crossing over' due to their mental illnesses ... And that's why asylums are so frequently haunted.

Yes poltergeists are spirits that are upset and I guess can't find their way out of this realm so they're pissed. I don't blame them. Mentally ill people who pass on..well, they may think they are still alive and everyone ignoring them etc is part of their illness. How sad!

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