I Was In a Locked Ward

About 9 years ago, I was in a mental hospital for depression and suicidal thoughts. I arrived at the hospital around 2 a.m. and had to have my stomach pumped, because i took a whole bottle of anti-depressants. After having my stomach pumped I was put in a locked ward and put in restraints to keep from hurting myself. I was in there for two weeks, and it did help for awhile. I did not try taking a whole bottle of pills again, but tried slicing my wrists.
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ive been in a mental hospital 8 times and im still unfocused but i uderstand u i think every body on this site will once go to the hospital 2 but i understand u completely

i have been there to hun after putting myself on railway track spent a month there full of drugs didnt no who i was after i turned to drink became an alcholic nearly died in feb 09 an ave never touched drink since threw all pills down toilet an hey presto!! with fantastic councilling and physcotherapy help im getting my life back. best of luck for the future i no you to will get there xx

Me too has been in a hospital for the same reasons as you, stayed in there for over a month . Hope your feeling better now :D

I was in hospital a long time back. Its possible to fully recover. Courage, baby steps...<br />
<br />
Had also to commit my (soon to be) ex-wife as well, twice in fact and also needing restaints.<br />
<br />
The worst two experiences of my life, everything else is easier in comparison.<br />
<br />
I wish you well and hope you find peace.

I know how you might have felt. On the week of my 15th birthday, I spent 5 days in two seperate mental health facilities. Probably one of the worst experiences of my life. Walked out on the day I turned 15 feeling completely lifeless. Sometimes I still dream about being in there.

you know it feels like your the only one with this pain. just that there is so much of it in you<br />
and you know the worst part <br />
if you never accept the help you... you never get to see life in full colors and if people really love you... they will be by your side<br />
eh blah blah blah i know how you feeel blah blah blah <br />
your not the only one the world is a ****** up place <br />
but what doesnt kill you makes you stronger <br />
and what you hide you want people to know

Yup. Been to hospital twice. Never let them lock me, just knew what not to say. I've never attempted to oft myself seriously, but had many years of cutting and many rows on my arms to show for it. Some nasty, some not so bad. Much of my stays weren't that bad, most of the people there were in for depression as well. Some of the people there for serious psychosis (a 16 yr old who honestly beleived she was pregnant with gods child - she wasn't even pregnant by the way) was rather annoying going around preaching to us all. And one guy who beleived that they had buried past patients under the sidewalk outside our rooms was kinda annoying. All in all I thought it helpful. Came away with skills to handle "attacks" but it's just so much easier to handle life inside than life outside. It's work that is the hardest for me.

Thanks for all the comments. I am starting to do better, and i am engaged to be Married, ext June. I am really happy about that. and a little nervous right now, but I am strong and can do anything.

its got to be hard for yous...but you are strong...we have to be.

I am so sorry for your torments. I too have been there. Taken pills and having stomach pumped, cut my wrists and sewn up and after so much councelling and therapy i can now put that behind me. It is still hard knowing one day i may fall foul of that evil past but taking each day as a knew helps. Much love

I know how you feel. I've never been in a hospital but I've always felt like it might help me. I've thought of checking in but I'm afraid of losing my boyfriend.