Third Time's The Charm...

Pine Rest Christian Mental Services. Child and Adolescent unit. Unit B. Room 741. 8 days.
I wrote my story under the desk in my room with a marker i stole from the activity therapist. there were other people's stories there too. I'm not the only one. i don't remember what i wrote though.
group therapy was my favourite time of the day because of the group therapist. her name was Laura and i loved her. she was amazing. she would actually give feedback instead of just listening to our sob-stories. i don't know what is is about her, but she was just amazing.
Tori. Dylan. Hannah. Jon. Heather. Jesse. Cody. Connor. Skylar. Bri. those patients saved my life.
i was there for anorexia/bulimia, depression, self-harm, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder. they didn't tell me about the BPD. my dad's girlfriend is the one who let me know they mentioned it. she looked it up for me and said they didn't tell me about it because they can't diagnose me with it until i'm 18. i'm still not entirely sure what BPD is, but by what i've researched, it could suit me. they decided to put me in DBT (dialectal behaviour therapy). i don;t know what that is either. but I'm nervous to start it.
can i tell you a secret? i haven't stopped self-harming or restricting food. everyone thinks i have. i really should stop, but recovery is such an ugly word.
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If you ever need someone to just vent to and just listen and give advice to you, please don't hesitate to send me a message. I know this sounds awkward coming from a total stranger, but I would listen to anyone who needs to just vent.