Been Out For 2 Years And About 4 Months Ago Started Having Insomia

I was institutionalized 3 times the third time i was sent to 2 different facilities the first for a little more than 1 month the second facilitiy for around the better part of 3 months. I was sent there for cutting my self in paticular my neck among cuts to my left sholder and the back side of my elbow below and above. When i got relesed i went to a bar and drank a little not as much as i used to oh ya i was a alcoholic for 2 years after being a drug enthusist for 3 years after that bar trip i bought some vodka about 3 or 4 months later. Drank untill i puked and i fell in my bedroom breaking my bong in half, luckly it was rather tall so if it does get legalized perhaps i can fix it up and try again with out the stigma of being illegal. Any ways only going to the bar every 2 months or so i eventually bought weed again three different quarters. Drinking i didnt feel my symptoms but smoking made me feel them mostly a hard to breath sinsation. Stoped buying weed and only drank every 2 to 4 months sometimes with having bought some whiskey when my parents were out of town. By the way the whiskey didnt get me drunk or pukey. I digress now i am at 1 year and 6 months out and i start having insomia after going on some coffee binges, when i was in the hospital i drank alot of coffee the first couple of times to the point of feeling really talkative. After having my fill of coffee taste i start taking diphahydramine a sleep aid. I started out taking it as suggested then that started to not work as well...i suppose with making me feel more tired than i should be...i took more and more. I stopped at around 600mg which would be 24 25mg tablets. My stomach started hurting sometimes when i took the diphahydramine. The doctor knows about me taking so much diphahydramine. So now i am on hydroxyz 10mg tiny tiny circle pill and this is the first night of restlessness i have been on hydroxyz for 8 days. Prior to the hydroxyz i was perscribed trazadone 100mg twice a day then increased to 3 times a day which i was able to take all at once about 2.5 hours before bedtime. That made my stomach hurt too so then i was perscribed doxepin 25mg. After getting it from the pharmacy i read on the wikipedia that it was a psycotropic agent which scared me so i took it one night and it felt like i was having my symptoms come back when actually i may have been dreaming and only felt like i was awake in bed seeing my blanket change some. Stoped taking doxepin took rest of it to police station and sadly discarded it thinking that it may have been fun to take during the day or eairly night. I suppose i will wait untill tonight and see if hydroxyz works. The word hydroxyz makes me think the doctor is saying you want more than what i can perscribe to maybe my fly is open.
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Jan 10, 2013