Hated Being Institutionalized 12/26/12

Ive been to many hospitals and ive had many suicide attempts.My last time was the day after christmas. It was the worse hospital ever. No one checked on anyone so i had all these random people coming in and out of my room. Something couldve happen cause no one cared.It also sucked because it wasnt even really a mental hospital.A lot of people there were really sick and wanted to die cause they were so sick.Me i was just suicidal and crazy.
My psychiatrist i swear had a mental illness himself and i only saw him once but he walked away a very pissed guy.
I tend to be a difficult patient at mental hospital.Sometimes it was because i was angry( like stealing a bunch of chairs for myself cause no one would show me my room)Sometimes i dont know why i acted out.I stopped taking meds in there i stopped eating and drinking but no one noticed till i told my mom who told them then everyone acted like they cared.I went home only cause i got tired of them injecting me forciblly with crap and so i started to cooperate.But i hated that hospital although my first roomate was nice.And the second one i didnt talk to and i feel she got me purposely kicked out of my room .
I cant go back again either cause im currently trying to switch therapist and they would just keep me with therapist who cant do anything for me if i was to go back to the er.So my life really sucks right now.Cause im terribly depressed and unable to seek help if something was to happen
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