Crazy Me

I was first addmitted to a mental hosital when I was 15 and in a drug rehab. I was told in rehab. that my best friend had killed himself. I was sent to a state mental hospital. I got out a week later and a week later I was back in for another couple days after trying to overdoce. After that I was sent to a mental hospital when I was 16 or 17. I was in and out of the same mental hospital since then, (I'm 18 now). I've probably been over 30 times. I kept getting out and going back in. I kept trying to kill myself. The hospital became a second home for me. It was my safe place. Everyone in there knew me. And one of the over night staff members that had to be my one on one at night becasue I tried to strangle myself in the hospital became my therapist. When I was in there they put me on different medication. Eventually diagnosed me with Bi-Polar, Depression, Mood Disorder, poly-substance abuse, and bulimia. The hospital I was in and out of sent me to two more rehabs. making it 3 total in my 18 years of life. None of them worked. I haven't been in there for a couple months now! Yeah!
Angel666 Angel666
18-21, F
May 24, 2007