3 Hospitalizations Later

I've been to one long term residential psychiatric unit, I spent 4 months there. After that I managed my mood pretty well. But in the last 6 months my bipolar has landed me in the hospital 3 different times. The most recent stay was for 8 days, and I got out just 3 days ago.

I seem to learn something new with each stay. This time's lesson is definitely that I need to change what I do when I get out of the hospital. I am going to participate in an IOP (intensive out patient program). I didn't want to, but the doctor wouldn't let me out unless I agreed to go to IOP.

I also was told that I need to learn why I don't like myself. Everytime I've been inpatient they always tell me that. Maybe I should figure it out. Any advice?
MallieJia MallieJia
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 21, 2013

yep, you are what you are, and you have no choice other than to accept yourself. the bad side too, that's quite important. people are inherently flawed. you are not perfect, you must remember that no one is, so don't expect yourself to be either. accept who you are. only then can you build on that.