Walls of Nothing and Empty Tears

I was in a psych ward for a while when I was younger, I mean really young. I didn't like it at all and most people don't. It was mostly group therapy and alone time with yourself and doctors that believed they could help but couldn't. Basically sitting around talking to people that were full of ****. But then I thought about it, these doctors that have their hands pushed in their butts are getting paid a lot for nothing.

   I stopped being trouble after my first week and the doctors said I was improving. I wasn't antisocial anymore and I wasn't bursting our more then I should...only in my room at night did i fly off the wall and get pissed at the world. Being bipolar and highly pissed at my dad for putting me there  in the first place. I should go to college for eight years to talk to people about their problems and give them false hope. The American Dream!!!!!

Legion Legion
18-21, F
May 30, 2007