The hospital was like second home for me for a few months a while back. I hated it at home and my family is completly disfunctional. I attempted suicide twice, and was in the hospital for a total of about seven weeks. I was sent to residential treatment after that but when i was in the hospital I loved it. there was always support even if there were a bunch of fights every day I say that it was worth it. it sucks now though because i came back home like four months ago and my family is back to "normal" which sucks. i would pretty much do anything to go back "in" but i know that i cant. now if i don't want to live at home i'll have to go all the way.
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I loved the hospital too well one i didnt like the second one .. I too went into residential treatment for three months and i loved it there too . It was nurturing and i had people who understood the symptoms i had .. unlike people on the " outside world " .

The first time I entered a Hospital I was 16 and then repeated my visit 3 months later. Have now been in and out again in the past year due to a number of reasons. I too always loved it. Its safe. You dont have the added pressure of the outside world to worry about. You can relax your mind and focus easier. Families always usually do revert back to the old ways. They cant help it. Parents are usually too old and set in thier ways to change all that much. Even when they think that they have or are making an effort.<br />
There are lots of resources out there for you. I can just about gaurantee that your local county health care agency or social services office has lists of places and resources in your area. But its up to you to make the effort to find it. But trust me, it will be worth it.