I've had 2 one week visits to the VA psyche ward in the last year.  It was a good thing.  Both times it was a medication problem.

     I hate the stigma though.  The media portrays mental illness as a mass shooting waiting to happen.

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You have to deal with things a lot of people don't understand or attempt to understand. It's easier to just assume based on some stupid stigma or stereotype. People who have NO mental health challenges can cause quite a bit of damage. You're exceptional. You've come such a long way and you've been through some harrowing stuff and still you're kind and loving and generous. That's pretty incredible.

my husband was a vet. also he passed away 2 yrs ago.Robbie,I heard you needed help and had enough sence to go for it. Look what th Media finds as acceptable and good.... scarry, I know I want no part of that. Bravo, for getting the help